Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogs I Read

These are the blogs that I read, in no particular order.

Don't see yours on there, but think it should be? let me know: ruby at [my domain] . com


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Cool list. And may I ask how you read these blogs? I mean what feed reader do you use, or do you use Firefox's Live Bookmarks, or do you use Google Reader, etc?

    I like catching up on blogs but my list is getting really long and I find it difficult to track the latest and greatest in them. I mainly use Firefox's Live Bookmarks and Google Reader. Is there something better to manage your blog subscriptions?

  2. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I use NetNewsWire.

    Part of the reason my list is a bit short is that I only stay subscribed to blogs that have a very high signal to noise ratio.

    I generally unsubscribe from a blog a month.

  3. How's like a reality TV show!

    Now that I'm on the list I can keep an eye out and see how long I stay on the island. Hopefully Jay will announce who gets booted each month. ;)


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