Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone: Gmail for your domain

Update: (From Napoleon via comment)
I believe this is the answer to your problem: Google Hosted Email Answer

Change your account login information to:
Making the change on my iPhone seems to do the trick. Thanks Napoleon.

I've run in to my first real issue with the iPhone: weak support for Gmail for your domain.

First of all, the initial sync doesn't work correctly. By default the iPhone postfixes all 'Gmail' accounts with I'm not sure what qualifies an account as a 'Gmail' account (on the iPhone), but I'll guess that the pop and smtp google servers might be the key.

So, following the initial sync, the iPhone tried to access my email with Not good, but not the end of the world. I was able to get around this by creating a new pop account on the iPhone and putting in the correct server and user information. Now my iPhone can receive my email, but here's the catch: it only picks up email if it's the first to find it.

What I mean by 'first to find it' is that if the iPhone finds a new message, it grabs it, but then Apple Mail never gets the message. Or, if Apple Mail grabs a new message, I never get the new message on my iPhone.*

According to Russell Whitman:
[T]his happens because google only allows one pop pull down...

I considered forwarding all mail to and simply checking that email, but then if I ever reply it will come from Then, any replies to my reply will never make it back to Apple Mail. Same problem, once again.

I'm not sure how many people have Gmail for your domain, so I'm not very optimistic that this is going to be resolved soon.

* Yes, I do have the settings set to never delete messages on the server. In fact, if I log into the web interface, the message is still unread as far as Gmail is concerned.
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