Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sync your Samsung phone with your Mac Address Book using Bluetooth

I bought a new Samsung phone this weekend. Overall I am quite happy with the phone; however, it is missing one key feature: it does not work with iSync. Some quick research revealed that Samsung failed to implement SyncML; therefore, sync'ing with my Mac wasn't going to happen.

Despite the fact that using iSync isn't an option, I did find some information on how I could transfer my numbers from Address Book to my new phone. The steps I took varied slightly, thus the reason for this blog entry.
  1. Open Address Book
  2. Address Book -> Preferences -> vCard: Set vCard Format to 2.1.
  3. File -> Export Group vCard: Save Group vCard to a new folder anywhere.
  4. Download vCard Splitter and install.
  5. Open your saved Group vCard using vCard Splitter.
  6. System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Devices -> Set Up New Device: Pair your phone with your Mac.
  7. System Preferences -> Bluetooth -> Settings: Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar.
  8. Menu Bar -> Bluetooth Status -> Turn Bluetooth On
  9. Menu Bar -> Bluetooth Status -> Send File -> Select all the vCards generated by vCard Splitter -> Select your paired phone.
At this point your phone should receive each vCard one at a time and add them to your phone's contact list. It's not the best long term solution; however, it will get you started and is much better than having to enter people one at a time.
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