Thursday, August 25, 2005

Controlling Subversion with Ruby and irb

I previously blogged about Controlling Subversion with Ruby. In theory it seemed like a good idea; however, in practice I used Ruby's Interactive Ruby Shell (irb). Irb allows me to mass add or delete quickly without needing a Ruby file. If you have Ruby installed, typing irb at the command line should drop you right into irb. Once in irb, it's easy to work with subversion using Ruby:

Add all files with "?" status:
`svn st`.split(/\n/).each { |line| `svn add #{line.delete("?").lstrip}` if line[0,1] =~ /\?/ }
Delete all files with "!" status:
`svn st`.split(/\n/).each { |line| `svn rm #{line.delete("!").lstrip}` if line[0,1] =~ /\!/ }

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